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RTLS with Athletics 


RTLS technology meets sports to create smart sports spaces. 

RTLS is a technology that tracks the real-time location of people and assets in limited indoor facilities and enables various services based on their location.


In particular, in the sports industry, positioning technology can be used to measure the total activity of players and analyze the data based on the data, and establish optimal playing strategies through movement tracking


– A fully automated real-time sports analytics platform that collects game data using real-time positioning technology, automatically analyzes the data, and visualizes it.


– Data that can be collected with RTLS: Collect player movement data such as speed, distance, jumps, tackles, and sprints through wearable devices on player uniforms; tag the ball to track ball speed, passing percentage, ball possession, travel time, and many other metrics.


Digitizing sports with RTLS creates new business opportunities: providing entertainment and sports betting services, etc.




 Unique sports experiences

– Provide real-time sports statistics 

– Provide different instructions and interactive content based on spectator location 


Data and tools for new coaching

– Collect data for athlete training and coaching purposes

– Tools to plan and adjust game tactics and more with data on player activity, distance, and more 

– In-depth analytics and insights into team or individual performance and results  


Digitize sports facilities and use space efficiently

– Indoor location systems are installed in all areas of sports facilities, enabling not only the collection of sports player data but also the collection of visitor location data, which can be utilized for location-based services. 

– Sports facility admission management, location-based access control, prohibition of unauthorized persons from entering areas (visitor safety), seat guidance (sports facility navigation), etc. 


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