Heavy Equipment Collision Avoidance Systems to Prevent Catastrophic Events

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Heavy Equipment Collision Avoidance Systems to Prevent Catastrophic Events


We know how important it is to ensure the safety of forklift operators and surrounding workers on industrial sites.

Real-time control to manage dangerous work sites and prevent safety incidents is a natural obligation for companies to ultimately provide a safe working environment for their workers, and industrial sites are looking for efficient ways to manage their sites by combining various management solutions and ICT technologies.  

How can RTLS real-time positioning technology help prevent catastrophic events?

Heavy Equipment Collision Avoidance System 

It is difficult to build a system to control/manage the entire business in a small business, industry We propose an approach detection alarm system based on UWB precise positioning technology as a way to prevent severe disasters that frequently occur in the field. Detect and alarm workers approaching heavy machinery Warning light alarm, High-power buzzer alarm (audible) / Laser beam alarm (visual) The distance between heavy machinery and workers is very precisely measured through UWB, and the alarm is given in stages by setting the distance value from 10M to 5M, 3M,1M, and so on, and the operator is alerted in various ways such as audible, visual, and vibration to quickly brake the forklift. 


  • Safety Beam Zone Marking Accident Prevention – Mark hazardous areas with a high-powered LED safety beam to prevent access.
  • Provide multi-channel blind spot monitoring screens – Attach high-definition cameras to minimize shadowed areas for heavy equipment operators, and include AI image recognition to immediately alert the operator when a person is recognized.  


GeoPlan’s heavy equipment collision prevention system not only provides the above functions, but also promotes the advancement of collision prevention system through UWB communication method. It calculates the distance of the TAG between the locator attached to the existing heavy equipment and the worker through the TWR positioning method, and provides an alarm when approaching within a certain distance by utilizing a complex positioning algorithm that combines UWB and BLE in a 1:N method instead of 1:1, reducing the loss of signal collision during TWR positioning. 


Advanced performance 


  • Collision alarm location accuracy – within 50cm on average 
  • Localization distance –  BLE within 30 meters, UWB within 10 meters 
  • Applied positioning technology – 1-stage RSSI > 2-stage TWR + composite positioning algorithm 
  • Control performance –  recognition within 1 second, alarm within 10 seconds 

As the demand and interest in integrating smart safety technology with AIoT technology increases, there is a high market demand for a platform that combines various technologies such as collision avoidance, monitoring and location tracking, AI image recognition, and CCTV control in a safety management system that applies IoT technology, and GeoPlan aims to provide a standardized integrated safety platform as well as a collision avoidance system that is immediately used in the field. 


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