Application of RTLS technology for industrial worker safety 

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Application of RTLS technology for industrial worker safety 


In systems like the construction industry, where a large number of workers, equipment, materials, etc. are working in a space at the same time, the need for RTLS technology is high and its effectiveness is more evident.  RTLS technology enables the monitoring of the movement of construction workers, equipment, materials, etc. and the construction process.  


what is RTLS? 


RTLS uses a combination of wireless communication technologies and location algorithms to track the real-time location of multiple resources, including construction site workers, vehicles, and equipment. This technology is critical on construction sites, where the movement of resources is dynamic and often unpredictable. 


How it helps? 


RTLS helps you comply with safety regulations on the job site. With the location information of each worker, you can monitor the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and ensure that safe protocols are followed. For example, if a worker is not wearing a hard hat in a designated area, the monitoring system can alert workers and managers to ensure safety norms are followed. 

It manage worker’s safety.  

– Get real-time location and history of workers and equipment with tags that can be worn on (or attached to) worker vests, seatbelts, etc.

– If a worker enters a restricted area or is near moving heavy equipment, the system immediately sends an alert to potentially prevent an accident.

-In the event of an accident, manager can find location of workers. 


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