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Leeum Museum of Art

“Digital Guide” which incorporates UWB, the first of its kind in an art museum field

The Leeum Museum of Art is located on the hillside of Hannam-dong at the foot of Namsan Mountain overlooking the Hangang River. The museum’s architecture symbolizes the past, present and future, and was designed in collaboration with three world-renowned architects (excerpt from Leeum Museum of Art)


M1 is a red brick building in the shape of a cuboid and an inverted cone. This is the work of Mario Bota. Nearly 120 pieces of ceramics, calligraphy and metal crafts from prehistoric times to the Joseon period are displayed in the exhibition hall. M2 is made of corroded stainless steel and glass and is the work of Jean Nouvel.

Freely arranged exhibition boxes allow visitors to experience uniquely different exhibition space, and exhibits from contemporary art of Korea since the 1920s to modern art of Korea after liberation in 1945.


Leeum Museum of Art allows visitors to check their position in real-time with the “digital guide” which incorporates UWB, the first of its kind in an art museum field, and automatically provides audio/video guides for art pieces near the visitor’s current position. By utilizing position information of visitors within the museum, a navigation function was added allowing visitors can easily find the art pieces they want to admire.

Leeum Museum of Art Digital Guide [Provided by Leeum Museum of Art]

– Visitors receive a UWB-equipped smartphone at the lobby of the museum and enjoy the digital docent service.
– Depending on the visitor position, tailored audio and video contents related to art pieces are provided.
– Real-time position of visitors within the museum is displayed on the map, and specific art pieces to visitors wish to admire can be found using the UWB navigation service.

Our Role

Leeum Museum of Art chose Geoplan's UWB positioning technology when planning to upgrade its third-generation digital guide in time for its reopening in 2021.

Geoplan RTLS locators were installed on the ceiling and walls of the museum to receive position data from Samsung UWB-equipped smartphones according to the layout plan of M1 and M2.

Our Strength

Geoplan UWB positioning technology has high competitiveness in terms of providing highly accurate positioning information. The ability of Geoplan engineers was demonstrated in efficiently incorporating positioning technology to the freely arranged exhibition space. In order to confirm the UWB positioning performance, more than 600 smartphone digital guides were operated at the same time, and efforts were made to provide reliable service according to the position of each smartphone.


Geoplan was able to establish and provide a reliable UWB environment and showcase the performance in a large-scale project because of the experiences and know-how accumulated over the past 10 years.

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