Increase security with indoor positioning systems

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Increase security with indoor positioning systems


Our indoor positioning technology has transformed the way people navigate complex environments like malls, airports, and hospitals. 


  • User-based navigation
Easily navigate indoor spaces, even in complex indoor facilities or buildings you’ve never visited before. With real-time positioning, you know your exact location and get directions based on that.


  • Enhanced safety and security
Apply hybrid RTLS technology indoors and outdoors to provide real-time, precise location data of users in parks, playgrounds, residential neighborhoods, and more for efficient emergency response management. In the event of an emergency, this information enables a quick response, potentially saving lives from harm.


  • Converging technologies with other sensors
In addition to location data, AI recognition based on CCTV footage, fire/gas detection, congestion measurement, air conditioning systems, etc. can be linked together to provide safe and smart spaces.


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