Precise Location Tracking Devices Leading Accuracy

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Precise Location Tracking Devices Leading Accuracy


Precise Location Tracking Devices Leading Accuracy

In a world where accuracy is more crucial than ever, we strive to create superior performance devices.





Prepared for Various Installation Environments

Our location tracking device, the AN500, revolutionizes traditional RTLS implementation. It effortlessly connects to existing wireless Wi-Fi APs, allowing for cost-effective RTLS infrastructure deployment while retaining the same level of technical performance.



Powerful Location Precision

Utilizing UWB communication technology, our RTLS delivers outstanding location accuracy of less than 50cm. This exceptional precision extends beyond asset tracking and logistics management to encompass diverse location services such as indoor/outdoor navigation and access control.



Compact Size and Functionality

Ensuring seamless operation in diverse environments and configurations, our devices come in compact sizes. Acting as standalone locators or coupled with Wi-Fi APs via USB-type locators (AN300), they guarantee reliable performance even in scenarios with distant APs or when precise accuracy is required.


For further inquiries or detailed product information, please reach out to SALES@GEOPLAN.KR. Our team will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding our products.