Smart Factory – Process Control Automation with RTLS 

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Smart Factory – Process Control Automation with RTLS 


In a factory with hundreds of moving parts, real-time location data on the status and movement of parts and assets is always needed.

The first thing you need for process efficiency is location information of objects and people on site.

Location data is always needed.  

The first thing you need for the efficiency of your process is the location of objects  and people in the field.  The RTLS system is a core system for factory operation, and the information processed by RTLS can be used as reference data for setting work information, directing material input, setting operator interface, and performance management for various facilities including automation facilities. 


When an RTLS system is introduced into the process, it offers the following advantages. 

Gain visibility into your manufacturing site

To improve productivity and modernize production processes, RTLS technology can be applied to provide continuous monitoring and a bird’s eye view of what’s happening on site. It tracks various objects on the production floor in real time to match location and task information. 


Improve production efficiency and inform data 

Track the location of your products in real time, from the assembly process to the receiving inspection process.  
By informing location data obtained through RTLS and linking it to various systems, you can minimize operator intervention and have an objective production automation system. 


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