RTLS Configuration​

RTLS Configuration

A web-based RTLS configuration tool for cell setup, algorithms and position correction.


Register various option settings for layer, 

tracking, locator and tag, and check 

the application status for each set option on the monitoring screen.


As a function to increase positioning accuracy, find the intersection point to find the coordinate value of the tag and obtain the coordinate values of the x-axis and y-axis of the tag for calibration. 


For the accuracy of positioning coordinates, algorithms for each space, timing cell, group and tag can be set, and various positioning algorithms such as TDoA, TWR and AoA can be selected and applied. 

Location change position

It provides the ability to modify installation information, such as the position and angle of the locator installed in the field, either in batches or a single locator. 



Geoplan provides UWB & location-based smart customized solutions and products based on systematic research and knowledge on RTLS.