When RTLS technology is implemented in amusement parks

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When RTLS technology is implemented in amusement parks


In amusement parks, RTLS (Real-Time Location Systems) technology ensures visitor safety and enhances visitor experience by efficiently managing facility operations.

  1. Tracking Children’s Locations – Using RTLS to track the location of children within the park can prevent getting lost. If a child strays away from rides or designated areas, it can automatically alert parents or supervisors of their location. Additionally, facility managers can conduct overall safety monitoring.
  1. Emergency Response and Safety Management – By utilizing RTLS in the park, accurate real-time location information of individuals in emergency situations can be obtained, allowing immediate notification to managers and emergency responders for prompt response and rescue.
  1. Facility and Equipment Management and Operational Efficiency – RTLS enables monitoring and maintenance of ride and facility conditions. For instance, managing high-value assets within amusement parks and efficiently handling customer rental assets (such as strollers, portable devices, etc.) can lead to cost savings.
  1. Visitor Analysis and Flow Management – Utilizing RTLS to analyze visitor flow in the park can identify popular and congested areas, allowing for optimal route and facility guidance based on congestion levels. Ultimately, this enhances visitor satisfaction and helps manage park congestion to prevent safety incidents.
  1. Safety and Security Enhancement – RTLS can enhance security within the park by issuing warnings for prohibited or hazardous areas and detecting intruders to take appropriate measures.

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