Logistics automation with location technology

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Logistics automation with location technology


In the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, various smart logistics technologies are being rapidly adopted to maximize work efficiency. However, the introduction of high levels of logistics automation does not necessarily translate into increased safety and efficiency. It’s more important to understand the environment and continuously prepare for safety so that the technology can be applied properly.


Safety first and manned and unmanned coexistence in the logistics of the future! 


When tens or hundreds of autonomous logistics equipment move in unison in a logistics center, the possibility of collisions or accidents between unmanned equipment and people cannot be ruled out, so safety zones must be set and real-time location tracking technology must be applied and operated. 


In logistics centers and factories, human-operated forklifts and unmanned AGVs are equipped with real-time location tracking systems to prevent collisions with each other, and a system that predicts the possibility of collisions within a certain distance from each other, sends alarms and signals to the driver, and prevents collisions in advance by braking sharply.


In addition, in terms of logistics equipment management, it is possible to collect and analyze location data in the logistics center, such as the distance traveled by the equipment, logistics throughput, and work history, and gain various insights into each logistics equipment, and through this data, it is possible to maximize the efficiency of operations such as logistics planning, operation planning, and work arrangement.


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