Indoor Navigation with RTLS Technology

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Indoor Navigation with RTLS Technology


Find your way around complex indoor environments with ease…

Outdoors, we can use GPS signals to get directions, including current location and route navigation, through mobile map applications, but this is not possible indoors.

To overcome this impossibility, our technology can provide users with maps and various LBS services based on user location through precise positioning and location data in complex indoor facilities.

Precise indoor navigation and exploration

With pinpoint location, visitors can now find their exact location in real-time for hassle-free navigation.

For example, finding the nearest restroom in a shopping mall or finding an empty parking space provides accurate navigation based on visitor location.

Ensure safety and streamline management

Above all, we prioritize the safety of the people who use our services. If they encounter difficulties or find themselves in a dangerous situation, they can call for help or rescue.

For example, if you have a sudden accident or need to be rescued, you can press the emergency button on your smartphone or the emergency button with a tag you carry, and we will know the exact location of the caller and quickly find them and guide them to safety or rescue them. 

Precision positioning technology is most effectively used indoors. With a focus on location accuracy, prioritizing safety, and efficient management, the technology is ideal for navigating and managing large facilities and buildings. 


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