The revolution in Indoor Positioning Technology

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The revolution in Indoor Positioning Technology


Revolutionizing indoor positioning technology


Location technology is revolutionizing the way we understand complex indoor environments, from factories to museums. RTLS can be used to optimize factory and warehouse operations, gain insights into customer behavior and efficient inventory management in supermarkets and shopping malls, and more. If you’re curious about how RTLS technology works and how it can help your business or organization run, read on.


What is RTLS? 

A REAL TIME LOCATION SYSTEM is a location-tracking technology that can pinpoint the geographic location of a person or object indoors in real time with high accuracy. It typically tracks a target’s location through communication methods such as GPS, BLE, UWB, and others.




Indoor Navigation 


Real-time location systems help users find their way around quickly and efficiently when they’re in a large facility, such as a mall, museum, or airport. 


Access control & Safety 


Real-time location systems can be used to manage the movement of people and assets in real time. This management creates a safer work environment and helps protect your assets.




It not only manages spaces for various purposes such as smart offices, homes, buildings, and factories based on real-time location systems, but also connects numerous IoT sensors and solutions to make them smarter as a single platform. 


We believe that indoor location technology is here to stay. This is because solutions are needed to keep people safe and businesses running efficiently.


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